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Make out.

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Go to sleep under several layers of blankets

Take a shower while the water in the tank is still warm

Light the gas fireplace and warm up some food to eat

Heat some water on gas fireplace to make tea

Call people on my cellphone till it dies then...

Recharge cellphone with my crank radio/flashlight/cell phone charger

Hang crank flashlight on reading lamp and read a book or do Cryptograms

Play games on computer till the battery charge goes

Go visit the neighbors and see what they are doing

Toast marshmallows over gas fireplace

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Since we have a generator and solar panels and backup batteries almost anything...

But we'd probably just use that for the basics and sit in candlelight and play board games or read or tell stories... Heat up the fireplace for more light... If it's day go outside and stuff...

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Candles flash light generator battery powered radio oil lamp bottled water

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Black Metal, Darkness, thoughts, future plans, hunger, irritation, sleepiness, memories, hang out, walk.

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light some candles , listen to a battery powered radio , put on a sweater , well thats it for me , no phone

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yes but i cant be bothered to type

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