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I Like

1. when she goes out

2. when she is sleeping

3. when I am out & cant hear her

4.when her phone dies

5. when she cooks my dinner

Don`t Like

1. when she comes home

2. when she complains no matter how hard I try

3. always has to be worse than me when I am ill

4. phones me when I am busy & gets the hump if I cant talk

5. burns my food

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You are a funny character. I love it

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lmfao!!!! ^_^

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Things I like......too many to pick just 5

Things I don't like........can't think of even 1

What keeps my love strong? ......see answers 1 and 2

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Like :

He´s my ex

He´s my ex

He´s my ex

He´s my ex

He´s my ex

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5 things i love.

he loves me unconditionally

he spoils me

hes faithful

hes a hard working man

AMAZING lover in & out of bed;)

there isnt five things i dislike sence the things i dislike are also the the things that makes me love his grouchy butt! lol

what keeps us strong is the love we have for eachother i think sense the 1st date we knew we we're meant to be:)

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1) He's always there for me

2) He shows me he loves me

3) The feeling I get when I hug him

4) his kisses

5) his company


1) way he acts when he's drunk

2) tends to get loud and let ppl know when we're mad

3) he doesn't listen to me about one specific guy I warn him about

4) he's lazy

5) HE IRRITATES ME!!! (at times)



*THE SEX* lol!

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Love it

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:) thanks...

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I will just go to the one thing that keeps us strong...... after 30 yrs.

We Never Give UP!!

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I only get 5 each? Jesus!!!

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I love that no matter how ****** I'm feeling about anything that just knowing she is still there when I get home to care about me. That even when I'm angry she tolerates it and gives me space. Her cooking. The way she looks at me making me feel like I'm the only one she will ever need and I love that she games with me lol

Dislikes are few but annoying anyway, doesn't pick up after herself, thinks things will do themselves if she leaves them long enough and yeah that about it for those sorry there's not five

And what keeps our love strong is that even when we are divided we still support and love each other even if we don't quite see eye to eye ( but that could also be because she is 5'9")

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funny. caring .hard working .devoted .sexy. cocky.lazy around the house.argues worse than a woman.not affectionate enough. not his own person when it comes to his (boys) are kids and sex

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