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I could if all the other voices in there would just shut up.

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Wait! Is this a trick question? Should there be someone else's voice reading this in my head?

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The question is, do deaf people hear those voices in their head? o.O

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sometimes i use morgan freeman or gilbert gottfried or chris rock for a hoot

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Yes!Wait...what is that?No!

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Yes. My head plays Julia Childs...not me.

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yeah. theyre taking long service leave

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I love your questions! "Can you read this without hearing your own voices in your head?"

My voices? Which one is my voice?

OK... let me investigate... Shut up! All of you! Be quiet for one moment... thank you! If you just keep speaking at once how can I answer the question? So stop it!

Hey, don't get cocky with me! I have had enough of you, too. I know that you don't like him, but just saying he is just f**king bastard will not stop him...

Oh, it's alright... I didn't mean to get you upset? Listen young lady... go back to sleep... I'll try and keep it down and not shout... Yes, I love you. I know that you are hurting and youcan go back to sleep..shhhh. go back to sleep... good girl... sleep tight...

Where are you? You just woke her up... I told you before and told you again not to wake her...

I'm sorry ma'am, I am just doing the best I can. Yo9u keep telling me to shut everyone up... but they just keep shouting at me...

What are you doing up? I told you once and told you before that you are dead. Get back into that grave. Back... back... stupid lifeless thing! I told you to stay in there. Don't push on the cover..stay in there. Howmany times do I have to tell you should stay dead!

"What are you doing sitting on that grave?"

Oh, no... my dream girl... the one I could never get out of my mind...

"Just keeping the past at bay. We all have to bury the past at times..."

"Well, Stop sitting there and and give me a great big hug!"


NO! The grave is shaking...

"How about I just stay here and you come to me!" I whisper to the body, "IF you don't stay put I will kill you all over again. Mark my words."

Thunk goes the lid.

Beautiful young lady comes to me in my mind ready for a kiss!

"I told you not to cheat on my little girl!" The mother-in-law from hell.

"But, we are devorced!"

"No pathetic excuses for not being a man. If you were half the man I expected my daughter would never have cheated on you..."

"I need to stretch my legs."


"Because the Seal Team that tells me you are a b***h is going to throw you into one of my silent graves?"

She is thrown in a grave, casket and all and dirt is thrown as my imagination gets the better of her.

Fine... I got a call... hold on?

Perfect timing! It's one of the creatures from ALIEN the movie... you know the type that has fangs the size of tree limbs and that goey slime coming down from there perfect teeth that any dentist would be prowd of.

"Where have you been? The Mother-in-law from hell almost got me! IF she comes out of the grave... eat her. I don't beleive you would have any objections.

"NONE" it says in it's spooky whispering flute like voice.

"Good. I am busy commenting on site! If you see any voices or hallucinations, just eat them."

"Yours to command."

"We see eye to eye! Or what ever you see with..."

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naC I seY

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Noone really hears their own voice unless they walk around with an ear moniter all the time....

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