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cobber - auzzie friend :)

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Sí :)

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English acronym: Greater Univrse - Utter Nothingness.

The new teachings of the most recent Prophet

discloses that Man is the greater universe and

also utter nothingness in the sight of God.

From time immemorial people imagine that the universe

is greater than man, so they look down upon man

and killing him as an ant.

Few centuries ago, people discover that human mind

is tremendously huge that he can explore the mysteries

of the universe and governing it as he likes. He even becomes

arrogant to claiming as supreme being without God over him.

This reality concerning GU-UN will bring man back

to his real station over all things under God.

His obedience to God will enable him to build the Kingdom

of God on earth to dutifully enjoy all God's blessings

with reverence, thankfulness and servitude.

The eternal law of causality is teaching man about

the glory of obedience and the shame of arrogance.

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félicité---happiness (French)

renmen---love (Creole)

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Kira-kira beutiful transparent color in chinese

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Adormilada - Sleepy (Spanish)

The way I'm feeling right now.. :P

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Merhaba- Hello in Turkish

Gom-som-me-da- Thank you in Korean

see-voo-play- Thank you in French

Sagwa- Apple in Korea.

Or-an-gee - Orange in Korea

Juice-suh: Juice in Korea.

Orange juice would be: Or-an-gee Juice-suh!

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tonsai cree indian for hello

ke quay what is it cree indian

it twam it tway say it say it again same language

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aroha = Love

kia kaha = stay/be strong

Maori :)

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Na'am-yes, La-no, shukran-thank you; arabic

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жизнь = life in russian

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Drongo -- moron, idiot, stupid person

Australian term of endearment

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Je t'aime - I love you in french :)

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Bia..come in igbo

dialu...thank u in igbo

ekabo...welcome in yoruba

all of them are nigerian languages

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Orang - person in Indonesian

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lief - love in Afrikaans

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dingo- baby eater

Best Answer I don't know the words you know so i don't know if the word I'm teaching you will be new.

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Verbotten. Forbidden

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Uber= Super

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