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It's been about a month now that I've been depressed. It makes sense...I'm a senior in college, without a ton of direction, and with a family history of depression. I want to be happy and full again, but I feel empty, and on the edge of collapsing. Currently reading a book called "get out of your mind and into your life," which is exactly what I want/need to do, but I don't think it will be enough. What worked for you? Did antidepressants help? I want to be me again, and I'm tired of whining to friends, to backing out of experiences. I want to live fully!
joreliha joreliha 22-25 6 Answers Nov 27, 2011

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OK, well firstly dont take every thing every one says (including me) as gospel.<br />
What you are dealing with is personal, and what works for some may not work for you.<br />
Good on you for asking for help, it shows you know you are not limited in resources.<br />
There are many reasons for feelings changing, have you have noticed it gradually or basically over night?<br />
The family history may or may not play a part, yours may be unrealted ??<br />
Has something in your life changed? change is not allways as easy as we think it is, our unconcious mind may not like the new change for it may conflict with how you usually deal with things or it may have kicked up a memory u havent accnowledged yet. being comfortable is our human nature, if you are challenging your self, u may need to learn to deal with these feelings as apart of the change, or seek councelling.<br />
Having dark thoughts and sad or mad feelings are normal. NORMAL<br />
No one is happy all of their life. At some point every one gets to where you are, they work their way through it.<br />
Talking to other people who have been where u are can be good if they can give you tools, but I would personally stay away from people who ARE depressed, they have no life jacket to offer if they are sinking too right?<br />
There is a natural anti deppressant called 5-HTP, a Serotonin, the feel good chemical your brain makes. my son uses it sometimes to level out his moods and i have found it works for him.<br />
Just dont take too much, some people cant mix it with meds, so u will have to decide what u want to use, maybe try it before the docters meds, then go from there if it doesnt work for u. <br />
Google it, its over the counter, and doesnt cost much. just follow directions.<br />
Good luck, dont be too hard on your self, people change, you will change many times in your life, <br />
love your self in your darkest hour and you will stand tall again.

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anti dep's worked for me a couple times from heavy stress. With not knowing what direction I wanted to go with I just chanced on things that came along to see where they go. If I had kids I doubt I would have done most of the things I have done

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Humanity is a brooding, soulful animal. Mental tranquility is only available through severe delusions or high doses of medication.

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