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There is a help page under 'About' (Help & FAQ) but it doesn't seem to help much.

But if you click on your points, you are directed to this link which explains everything about points: EP Link

I've got points too and have yet to use them. I'm happy just to give people the FREE tray of cookies, when I feel like giving someone a gift.

But if you go to someone's profile, you'll see a 'Send a Gift' section, where you can...wait for it...send them a gift. For example a small white dog with a red bow costs 100 points (or 1 EP token for those registered??).

Or you can send someone a wallet full of credit cards ??? for 100 points or 1 EP token.

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I should also have asked "How do I find my question so as to select the best answer?" [Click on your user name at top right and then click on My Activity to find your questions and answers.]

Took me two days to figure this out. :)

EP must be for young people.

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Print-off your point total and take it to a registered financial institution with two pieces of personal identification. They're worth one US dollar each and can be redeemed on the spot.

Glad ya asked?

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hmm, I dont pay any attention to my points, ..maybe I should.

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gifts for other people you can buy me one if you like lol

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