Pursuing the wrong ideals and goals that lead you into sickness, into (god), And from this sickness comes the belief in the one true power That cure that promised to erase the symptoms that stood between you and your goal That's seductive to hear that offered relief and comfort without disturbing the faulty system of your Beliefs, the belief in the one true power, forever and ever, one nation, under (god)... The father, the son, and the holy (spirit)... In jesus name, Amen...
Mougywolf Mougywolf 26-30, M 3 Answers May 9, 2012

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That's not a's a statement.

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what do you mean exactly?

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How is a belief in anything ,or anyone a sickness when the basis is acceptance caring helping others and removal of behavior that is degrading to the society as a whole a sickness. Thats like saying lets get rid of the whit blood cells in the body as they fight off illness. Please get your thoughts straight.

If we have Faith a belief in our selves because some ditty will assist us whats the harm.

Frankly I believe in God I know he is there and thus is real and yea I pray for people and U know what It helps. Go figure HUH? they don't know about it always yet things improve in ways that is baffling to so many.

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