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a casual friend contacts me on FB with a friend request. Never been romantically linked, just classmates, technically i dont really know him. He was a friend of a guy i was dating in high school. Its been 20 years since ive seen him. After the request i started having VIVID dreams that we were lovers. I paid it no 2 years have passed and i got the feeling like i need to speak to him, that he was waiting for me, watching. Paid no attention to it. I never thought of him as a lover or anything before. The feeling was so strong, that i sent him a message saying Merry Christmas. Then he contacted me, wanted to take me out. He calls me and says that he has had a major crush on me for 20 years, and wanted an opportunity to take me out and see what it leads too. I agreed to have coffee...then he disappears. Help:)
jstlilme jstlilme 36-40 4 Answers Jan 16, 2013 in Romance & True Love

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Go for it!! :)

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This is all in your dream or did he really ask you out?

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