Rich people always celebrate the Christmas well with their kids, What about the poor kids.
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The children who are poor take what they get and show pride in it because it comes from the heart rich kids are spoiled and are not as thankful for what they have...A poor child will show more love for 1 small gift than a rich kid will for 100...It's all about how much love goes into what you give...

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I'm not sure what you're suggesting- are you saying that only rich people can have a good Christmas or that poor people can't celebrate Christmas?

Most poor people get help from churches and food drives. I know Christmas Eve I'll be outside with my church's truck handing out bikes and toys.

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Poor kids get oranges and nuts in their stockings.

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******* YOU. What do you think this is. You go forth and better your self child. Move quickly , the wolves are after you and they are hungry tonight.

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the poor are more creative and have GREAT christmases, thankyouverymuch.

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Christmas isn't about expensive presents. I've seen enough happiness from one friend to another just by receiving a home made card. :o)

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Actually, I don't think that the person was asking a mean question, he or she or it was just curious.

For your information, when I was a child, my father was chronically unemployed due to the recession in the 1980s. We were outwardly middle class, but we were very poor. We couldn't afford to replace cheap shoes that had holes in them when I was a child, and had to take care not to walk too much so they need replacing. This was the 1980s and people had been very rich prior to that, but my family never got very rich. My parents were not Christians and do not believe in Christmas.

So as a poor kid, I can answer your question. Poor children had no Christmas. It is very very very sad and very very heartbreaking but it is true. I had no Christmas as a child and didn't know what it meant. We had no turkey, no cards, no relatives visiting, nothing. We definitely had no present and did not dream of presents. It was just another day being poor and frugal.

However, I saw when I visited my grandma that along the way, there were some houses that were lit up and there were people there, and they had great beautiful music like it was fairytale. It was Christmas music.

That was all. We had no Christmas but other people - the upper-class rich Christians had was very captivating.

But for us, we had no Christmas. It was just a normal day. But the Christmas music made it special. There was a little bit of Christmas spirit when we passed by the homes of Christians.

I think as a poor non-Christian kid, Christmas seemed to be a very special day of love and celebration, but I wasn't lucky to be born in such a family. So I have no Christmas and accepted that.

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Angels with Faith Ministries 501c3 non-profit charity announces

the kickoff of our Christmas Angels Program on November 1st through

which we provide Christmas to 100s of area children who would not

otherwise have anything under the tree on Christmas morning.Since we

receive no funding we rely strictly on the tax deductible donations of

our community & this year we expect over 1000 children.We have

volunteers to pickup donated toys(new&LIGHTLY used),Bikes,baby

needs,gifts for older children,warm clothing,food for holiday

baskets,computers,laptops&other electronics such as mp3

playesr,ipods,tablets etc,donations can also be made via paypal on our


We are hosting a 1 day Christmas Angels festival& Toy drive fundraiser

event at Jug tavern Park & Pavillion on December 1st from 7 am until 7

pm.We have live music being played all day by local groups

country,gospel & Christmas music, free moonwalks,facepainting & of

course Santa for the kids,a Cutest Kids contest (everyone is welcome

to enter those cute kids see details on our website)with the grand

prize being donated by Disney World Orlando,games,a bake sale

(donations needed by November 30th PLEASE),silent auctions for

authentic autographed Nascar,music & sports legends,raffles all day

for those who donate new toys,bikes(new or lightly used),food,gift

cards,or by credit card,check or cash for every donation you will

receive a raffle ticket for these drawings to be held every 30 minutes

for GREAT prizes donated by area merchants.We will also have our Angel

Tree from which you can choose a family or families to adopt or

sponsor for Christmas & choose to meet & work with that family

personally or through us.ALL donations are tax deductible & 100% of

ALL donations go directly to providing Christmas gifts,warm clothing &

holiday food baskets to Georgia childen.PLEASE come out & show your

support & love for Georgias littlest angels!Applications for Christmas

assistance available through DFCS & also childens hospital,disabled

military groups,Toys for Tots,Salvation Army,etc & can also be emailed

to us here after November 1st.You must live in georgia,have a true

financial need for assistance & you must not be receiving Christmas

help from anywhere else,we will check.

If you are a vendor & would like to reserve a spot to sell your arts &

crafts,Christmas items,etc please call asap deadline is November 22nd

we have 15 spots available for a $25 donation you can have a spot for

the busiest shopping weekend of the month,you must provide your own

tables & all vendors must remember that we are a Christian charity. Lori,director 678-754-1541/Rev Michael

Tuck 678-754-2337 volunteers Avis 678-887-5395 Vickie 770-990-4579

Location: Angels with Faith Ministries & Church 501c3 non-profit charity


722 Chicken Lyle RD WINDER,GA 30680 EIN 27-1972461

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i realy hate this verse i suggest tht not only rich people poors also can celebrate Christmas .Money is not christmas if some one wants to celebrate christmass they would celebrate it spiritualy...not with MONEY

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Christmas is really about what you do for other people, not what you BUY them. A good deed can go a looooooong way.

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Poor people are that way because they've made poor choices over the course of their lives. I feel for their children, but it's up the the parents to make a good Christmas. Your question presupposes that presents need to cost money to have meaning. The best presents I've ever gotten came from the heart, not from a store.

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Rich people spend money on their kids, poor people love them. Big difference. My parents couldn't afford much when I was little, But they did what they could and they loved us. I saw how hard my father worked to take care of us and I grew up respecting him. And now my son has grown up knowing that although I can't lavish him with material goods, I love him to death and would do anything for him. So the reality is that Christmas is more for the poor people, because they understand the true meaning of Christmas and giving from the heart.

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your view of Christmas is skewed, Christmas is not supposed to be about presents and who has more, go to your library, do some research, then come back and ask something that means something

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I am a father of two and this time of the year really sucks. I work and even work overtime when I can but it doesn't go very far after paying doctor bill after doctor bill. Yes, constant flow of doctor bills and still have the same problem. Add that to the needs of the older cars we have and Christmas can be VERY depressing!

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