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How can I stay motivative during my college year?
Visal333 Visal333 18-21, M 3 Answers Apr 5, 2014 in Doing Good

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DO the gummy bear trick for reading assignments. You put gummy bears on parts of each page, and when you get to each part, you get to eat the gummy bear. It's delicious motivation. <br />
Also, go to parties (no drinking because that can become addictive and your mind will be on it constantly) and get a gym membership. Excising while studying or with friends is a great motivator as well.

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My first year, I felt totally lost. Motivation was almost non-existent. I still went to classes, and my freshman year was pretty much like high school all over again for me. It was fairly easy, and what else could I do? I partied a lot. My junior and senior years were very different. Some parties still to blow off stress, but way more serious.

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Study with friends and reward urself for good grades (my sister is in college) drink VERY little if u do its bad for yo brain and remember why u r there

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