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My bf has been out of the country on a school trip for 1 month, he will be gone for another 5weeks, the only way of communicating we have used is through instant messaging and Skype. When he first left he was really good about talking to me every day or every other day, however, for the past two and a half weeks he has all but stopped talking to me. I always initiate the conversation and I have to wait overly long periods of time to get a response, like an hour minimum (sometimes I get no response). I usually only get on for about 40 min. most days, and all I want is about 10 min. of coherent conversation. I don't expect it to be everyday, I just don't want to feel like I'm being ignored. This morning, when I told him I was annoyed with his behavior, it took him 3 hours to reply before he admitted he had been watching anime and playing computer games and hadn't seen me talking. This is the same excuse he has given me when confronted on this a few days ago. Am I no longer of interest?
Nevan Nevan 22-25 2 Answers Oct 24, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Let him experience the trip. Go silent. Let him initiate. If he comes home without any communication until the very end, maybe there is something to worry about.

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Move on.

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