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I am an elite runner, well sprinter, and I have been having problems with my legs which suffer from CRPS. I saw the team doctor after they told me that I might have a stress fx. The dr said he thinks its just inflammation of the bone. I then told him that I have CRPS. He asked how I was diagnosed and not sure how to answer that I told him that I had X-rays, MRIs, bone scans and spent a year in/out of the hospital. He said that was the wrong diagnosis because I do not look like a CRPS patient and couldn't be an elite runner with the disease. He then proceeded to tell me all of the symptoms as I stood their saying yes, yes, yep I know. How would you feel after this? I feel upset, disappointed. I thought I was done with doctors telling me I'm wrong, I'm faking it. I went through hell to get where I am today and him telling me that a CRPS patient can't do what I do is very disheartening…
elizabrooke elizabrooke 18-21 Jan 22, 2014 in Health

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