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Well, I hate this when girls are making fun of one another.....especially, when one of them is the one that i love...(i'm les...) The girl that i love always laugh at me, play tricks on me and there was once that she tore my chemistry notes, tests ....and she didn't even say sorry. She even play with my pen and "stuck' it in my banana while i'm eating it..... But the worst thing is that, she told the whole class or probably the whole school that i'm les. However, she said I love the other girls....I was heart can she do this to me? I kept on asking myself. but when I saw her every day in the morning with her lovely smiles...I can't stand to hate her anymore...I used to take revenge on those who make fun on me, but reli, this time, i can't.
vcvc123 vcvc123 13-15 1 Answer Dec 8, 2012 in Crushes & Obsessions

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