The last very good release from Microsoft was windows XP, once they had it right to be online. Then came another series of microsoft rubbish editions until windows 7, which again took at least 18 months to be able to be a reasonable program. So now XP is to be moved to the dump and soon so will windows 7. Yet Microsoft still are trying to get 8.1 to be the consumers choice, but with less enthusiasm of the consumer. Geeks are far too intelligent to listen to the user after all. They think they know it all! Where have we heard this "Cry " before E.P.?
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I am a geek, as you put it and I haven't used windows in years as a personal operating system. I am a Linux user and I will never go back to using any microsoft products. I do not have to pay for my operating system or any of the programs and my machine runs a whole lot faster because it is not being slowed down by the operating system.

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Another one bites the dust, and another one down... EP is going to slowly, or not so slowly die, just as you noted. They had some happy campers, then decided they knew what was best, and so they "fixed it." Fixed it to death... you are right, they really have no clue.

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Damn these infernal geeks!

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