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Confusion grew in the eyes of The Nerdifornicator – what was he to do – he was torn between two things – Supreme Thigh Strangler of The Known World, and the kind and gentle Govifornicator. The two tore at his consciousness, and then... the body of the Govifornicator started to rebel agaisnt the Nerd's mind commands! The struggle became might, and The Nerd did everything in his power to MAKE that body do as he commanded – thigh strangle...thigh strangle..thigh strangle! The body refused – The Nerd tried harder, but he had never had any experience of controlling a strong and able body – and it got away from him! The body went its own way – he was like a jockey on a runaway horse, as the body reached up with both mighty hands, and , in a final act of total rejection toreThe Nerd's head from atop its shoulders, then slumped down, lifeless, with that head and its mighty brain stuck between its thighs.Poetic justice, as the life slowly ebbed from the eyes of The Nerd forever.
trollhunter4 trollhunter4 22-25, M 1 Answer Apr 14, 2014 in Health

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