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There is nothing wrong with spanking a child who is being rude, disrespectful and obnoxious. Unfortunately, too may these days feel that a simple spanking (meaning a swat on the backside) is abusive. I am NOT advocating beatings. Certainly, when taken to extremes it can become abusive. As parents, we need to know and acknowledge that line and not cross it.

Our society today is filled with too many children and young adults that were allowed to say, do, and behave anyway they felt like, with mom and dad standing by permitting poor behavior. Now, the rest of society is saddled with spoiled, rude, obnoxious young adults with little to no work ethic ....... so thank you to those who find a well timed swat on the backside to be abusive. You've made society so much better.

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Children are not taught to lie, fight or be mean they can just be that way.

Let's see you have company over and your child kicks them in the shin..impulsive behavior....then as you and your guest are eating at the table your little tike comes over and shouts to the guest get out of my chair...rudeness. Also after the guest just settles down for a nice conversation with another adult, your child expresses very obnoxiously that your guest is fat and should not be eating dessert...

Got the picture there are times when you must prone the vine, cut weeds growing around the roots and spray bugs , bad well as give it sun light to make sure the fruit comes unencumbered.

Ask any farmer what product would have if they did nothing to the soil, the leaf or the flower.

The rod is a form of what needs to be done to raise a healthy fruit tree for all of society to enjoy.. Not using a rod per se is saying society you raise my kid. Sorry ! No free lunch... get busy till the ground, or soul...water this child with beauty, comfort, joy, laughter, and discipline and the world will thank you. I have eight kids and they remind me often of what I taught them growing up in the home. They use my discipline or rod ...techniques on my grand kids. Which is... demonstrate that you are the parent the only person the law allows to raise them. If you cannot the State will find someone who will. My kids hated that idea.

Understand you have help out there. Parenting classes, grandparents from the old school..and of course common sense, no means no! I hope this helps

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Well, according to what I was taught, to "spare" something, means to give it up. do WITHOUT it.

so, to me, it sounds like; "spoil your kids by not beating them with a weapon" some people take it to mean, "if you spare the rod, you will be spoiling your child". I guess it its interpreted differently according to weather or not you feel you SHOULD spoil your child. personally, i say, all things in moderation, and if beating a child with a weapon IS spoiling them, then i guess i wont spoil them. HOWEVER, if NOT beating them with a weapon is spoiling them, then i will spoil my kids rotten. i would rather have a "spoiled" child than an abused child.

Just about everything in the bible is open to be interpreted in many, many ways. you can find a passage in the bible to support pretty much ANY argument. I think, in our hearts we KNOW the right answer.

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Wow....this is a a perplexing question....I will give you my take on it and the way "I" take the meaning...mind you this is just my opinion....I believe that if a parents fails to discipline their child then they do become spoiled....self-centered and dis-respectful....which in my opinion is what's wrong with alot of the kids today....all kids are different.....some never need the rod while others could never have it enough.......but this is a different age and time.....when I was growing up...oh how many times we had to "go cut your own switch" or a good old fashioned back hand when we thought about challenging our parents......So with me I will never spare the son know the rod means business and I don't have to use it. The handful of times he experienced the rod he learned....this is just my take on subject...thank you

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I take it's meaning as not hitting a child,as a parent chastises a child.I do not hold with hitting children,they should learn from experience not from punishment.

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