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I've been having this crazy dream for a week now and it's bothering me that I don't understand it. In my dream I'm sleeping in my bed and I wake I look around my bed for a sliver ring and I find it but it's broken Like someone roped it in half. I put the ring on and close it around my finger then I look for a silver bracelet and put that on to. Someone comes in my room and hands me a huge mug of hot coco and marshmallow and chocolate bars then leaves. As I start to eat the chocolate and drink the coco another person comes in. I'm exited that this person is here but I don't know who they are but they climb into my bed and I share my coco with them. As they drink my coco I start licking them and biting them on the neck. Then I wake up ??? I don't under stand my dream I never dreamed about biting anyone before or hot coco the last thing I could remember is a line from a song from Shakira keep forgetting to forget you
Lonealphawolf13 Lonealphawolf13 26-30, F 2 Answers Mar 20, 2014 in Health

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Dreams dont need to be understood by your day brain its ok your subconcious gets the message....sweetdreams

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You should see into yourself what does a ring mean to you (for some it's commitment, for another it could be prestige) and a broken one too, bracelet, and the cocoa could be just a representation of something you really like that you would share with a certain someone (sorta like a trust thing). Dreams are personal.

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