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Electric eels can produce a voltage of up to 900+ volts at 1.5 amps. They also have iron in their bodies from eating fish, so if you were to have some coins suspended in the water and the eel shocked a fish with his attack, would the nickel coins stick to his body? current = electro magnetic field
StyxnTwygz StyxnTwygz 13-15, M 2 Answers May 25, 2012

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no it would not a magnet is as it says in the word magnetic it binds to metal like steel silver exc. an eel is not metal a magnet doesnt stick to electro-fields and an eel is not electric it is in the ocean not the wall it is called that because of the venom on the bite or scales of the eel it makes you think ur getting shocked because it sends your body into shock

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No it would not.

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