I have discovered living at home as an adult means I get no respect from my parents no matter what I do. I have been battling w/this for years, when I wash the dishes all the time and help out, yet I am told that I never do anything. If I didn't do the dishes I would be yelled at for not doing them. What am I supposed to do until I have the means to move out. I'm willing to help, but not willing to be given guilt trips for no reason. If I make the tiniest mistake (maybe not wash one dish), I am chewed out and told how lazy I am. When I complete the job I don't get a single ounce of recognition (I just want my parents to not chew me out). i almost feel like they are being blind to my work on purpose.
Russiazoogirl Russiazoogirl 18-21 2 Answers Dec 30, 2013 in Emotional Health

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So don't do it. When they complain again, tell them why. Good luck.

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talk with your parents about what you just told me

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One time when I tried to defend myself I was told I could only defend myself when I was right and it that situation I was completely wrong.

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