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The real questions is.....what do they think about dating you?

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Guy one is crazy about me. (told me). Guy two I've only dated 1 time and he was nice / but you know...just nice.

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Lol....G2, nice but boring?

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Very good point. Dating is indeed a two-way street.

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Guy 1 I've dated a few times and guy 2 I've dated a few times...correction. Sorry.

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So why do you keep dating G2?

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Don't know yet. So nice - but no real sparks, you know? Sometimes sparks can happen later on ... (but they never have for me). So...I don't think I'll be dating 2 much longer.
Thanks for thinking about my question.

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No one has to "belong" to anyone, don't rush, have fun, relax! You don't have to be "a couple" with any man. Be YOU and enjoy your single life, don't tie yourself down~

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Why must it be the guy? How about YOU say you are a couple, or do you enjoy the company of both?

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I think guy 1 and 2 in your eyes is aloseing cases, keep triping out on your so good and see where it gets you later...........

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I don't know what an "aloseing is. I don't know what "triping out on your so good" is either.

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I think you mean keep dating both and see where it goes.
Good advice....

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Yaaaaaaaa' i thought thats what you were thing of doing...see ya, woulden wanta be'a

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Pick one now so you won't risk hurting the other? Would you want someone to possibly build up your feelings only to crush you later on?

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Going on a date with someone isn't forcing them to feel anything. It's just a date. Dating isn't a promise for the future ~ it's a getting to know someone time. If during this process I learn that I'm not wild about someone is honest and no intentional harm is done. I just as easily might have felt the opposite. I'm not leading anyone on just because I'd like to get to know them. I'm not a flirt or some **** (sleeping with both) if that's what your thinking...not saying you were... this is just during the initial stage of dating someone. I'm just as much at risk of being "crushed" as they are so all fair in love and war.

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...and it's not a one way street. We don't "pick one" because we also much be "chosen by" the other person. Why "pick one" now, only to NOT be chosen by that person later? <<< hmmm.

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It is better to choose one,,and loose one then to choose both and loose both...

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i was saying why risk it? Lets say guy two has feelings for you and asks you out before guy one does? Are you going to go out with him even though you don't like his company as much as guy one? Or are you going to wait for guy one to ask you?

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i would say tell guy two he is guy two...

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Sure, if I wanted to never see him again. LOL ~ Of course I will do this if that's the case/at this point I'm not sure.

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No reason you can't have more than one iron in the fire.

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Oh my.... I'm agreeing every last post I read! I mean your right...I've only had a few dates with each and hey, no pressure to choose. Truth is, in the end it's best to be the one who really cares the most...and that's yet to be seen.

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That's what I'm talking about.

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So far your answer is my favorite. Kind of like something a relative who cared about me would say. Thanks.

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You're very welcome. Just speaking from my heart.

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Why have two hanging on? Keep dating guy 1, let guy 2 go, and stroke your own ego in between!

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Date the one that likes you back.

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