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Unless she has obvious talent....and I mean the kind where complete strangers tell her she's amazing; tell her to forget it. It's just about impossible to get anywhere in the music business. Unless of course she is a songwriter....that changes everything. Good singers are a dime a dozen. Good singer/songwriters are a rarity.

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Find a band and sing with them.

Get booked at lots of places.

Contact recording studios in the area. They might need vocalists.

She will probably have to move to a music type of city if she wants to be famous.

Expect to be busy lots of evenings.

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Have her cut a demo at a studio and get at least several copies made. She can use canned bgm (background music) that the studio has, bring her own or hire studio musicians.

She should do at least 4 tracks with various styles if she doesn't have her own sound yet.

Get a really good agent. If she sends her demo around unsolicited, it'll just get thrown on a pile on someone's desk and may get listened to eventually, or not. If one agent doesn't get you anywhere after 6 months- 1 year, try another. But avoid sending your demo out to many agents. An agent will work harder to promote you if they know you're loyal. Avoid signing an exclusivity contract with an agent until they start getting you some promising gigs. Good luck.

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Personally I'd try and steer her away from that kind of career because first it's REALLY difficult to get into even if she has talent and second you hear all kinds of bad things that famous people get into and the pressure to remain (if she gets there that is, and that's a big if) top and popular must be huge. I would never ever want my child to be in that kind of place. If she wants to sing then fine, let her do it but don't have it as her only goal, the only thing she does. Make it a hobby not a career choice.

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Send me a tape: Julie Caulfield, 756 S. 200 E., Apt. 202, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. I'll send it to Disney. I wish her luck.

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