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•Pretty short

•Fit in suits or just stick out(not being mainstream)

•Can math ;)

•Mature behaviour

•Mature appearence

Dark hair

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Tall, dark haired, great with kids and a good cook. Quirky. Helpful. Doesn't lie. Doesnt look at everything that passes in a skirt. Well a women can dream. :P

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Same height as me 5'10'', muscular, dark hair and dark eyes, and a gentle personality.

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physically: tall, masculine, nice smile

personality: caring, honest, genuine, funny, passionate, mature

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He must be passionate about his life and me, romantic, broad shoulders and a waiste the perfect size for me to wrap my arms around. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Mature and mysterious

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Just me but better teeth....... no the same teeth. Just, I want to change them.

I would really like hanging out with me or some Woman with a similar personality...:D

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Tall and can always make me laugh. Blue or green eyes. One who likes my sense of humor. Dresses nicely and is confident. I don't mind scruffy men either.

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Dark melting green eyes, dark soft hair, athletic build, athletic, spontaneous, relaxed, 'go with the flow', large libido, he obviously must be packing I'm sure you know what I mean. Chuck in a bit of money, a mother who can cook, a father who can fix cars, he'll surf, gave a proper job, respect my job, give me children, fetch me salmon every day, be my slave.

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Asian (preferably Korean)


Skinny Athletic Build

Broad Shoulders

Nice Smile

Love sports

Cocky...let me stop before list hundred things

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