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i think that it changes depending on the people i meet. in high school i was obsessed with guys with glasses, who had brown eyes. now i happen to lust over a hairy blue-eyed guy, and a really skinny green-eyed guy. i need someone who i find physically attractive in their own way, who easily makes time for me and will text me and call n tell me im pretty.who doesnt need to make a lot of money but should be responsible with a stable job

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Strong values






Hopeless romantic


Kind with a sarcastic side

Black hair, long or short

light brown skin

85 pounds

4' 11''

Named Jorie.

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message me

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Able to stand up for what he believes in

straight forward


self sufficient




tolerant of diversity



trust worthy

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A beautiful buxom Blond,that doesn't speak English except for the words YES, and I Love You. :)

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I was going for the Laugh, not practicality. lol

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Someone who is real, human. Constantly strives for better, continually moves forward. Kind. Hillarious. Smart. They have to be passionate about something, anything. They want to share their life with me. They must be accepting. Ultimately I need to feel like I am becoming the best person I can be because they inspire me to be.

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someone that makes me feel alive, have lots of adventure n laughs together.

physically, black hair, nice perky t!ts, athletic

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round tight as$

soft, sexy legs

fresh breath

small feet

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A man, taller then me, sexy, blond hair, blue eyes and I long thick penis and balls.

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enchanting …. and ???

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I want him to be smart and ok with me having a girlfriend that a date and have sex with on the side and I will sometimes have sex with him and her together.

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Really, I'm bi. It that ok with you?

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as long as you like it,

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I like it.

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Basically an improved version of me. And one of the improvements would be being a guy instead of a girl (hah, come throw rocks at me, bloody feminists!).

Misogyny aside, he would like Victorian literature, play piano (which I don’t, but I sing), do well at school, be intellectual-ish, like history, languages and philosophy (which interest me), like Physics and Astronomy (which I hate, but wish I liked), know a lot about Greek mythology (which I find interesting, but so complex it’s discouraging), be a nihilist, be pro-suicide, be antisexual ( but not necessarily asexual, although that’d make things hella easier), hate feminism, be disinterested in politics, like to write and write well, like musicals, like cuddling, be okay with my hostile attitude etc etc.

Physically, he’d be tall (but not too tall, around 5’6’’ is good), have long (not hippie/rocker long, just regular guy long) hair, green eyes, wear glasses (myopia, preferably) and most importantly be very pale and very skinny.

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she likes me :)))))

she really does Like ME :))))))))))))))))))))))))

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His name is Luca. That is all I need to say to you.

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does he live on the second floor?

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No. He lives in a house.

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I am married to him. *passes sick bucket...

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