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Mineral ore is formed by various materials with millions of years of evolution. Mineral ors can be divided into lean ore, common ore and rich ore. As for the ores mined from the quarrying process, as they are mixed with some barren rocks, their grade declines, which is called ore dilution. Ore dilution will increase the transportation cost and screening cost of the ores.Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Process In addition, minerals can also be divided into metal ore and non-metallic ore. Before the mineral ores can be used, they must be beneficiated and smelted to remove the foreign matters.The main types of mineral ores include non-ferrous metal ores such as iron ore, copper core, manganese ore and zinc ore and non-metallic ores such as coal, basalt, limestone and granite. Quarry and Quarry Equipment A quarry can be on-ground or underground. Traditional quarry relies on manual labor
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