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I ran into a pocket of people who seem happy, but it just amazes me how they will walk over anyone to get what they want. They consider themselves leftists on top of it when I'm not sure they even understand what a leftist is. Thing is desparation can lead to great results, but I've always seen it differently. Could someone explain these people to me because I just don't get it. It's like they think they are cleansing the gene pool and anyone who gets in their way they will hurt. I can understand living life to the fullest, but there are so many different ways to do that. These aren't stupid people. They are just completely insane. Thing is I have no inclination at all to be like them either. I just am trying to figure out where I fit. I'll live life but won't walk over others to do it. I see value in different things. Is that a strength or a weakness?
celtic34 celtic34 36-40, M 3 Answers Nov 9, 2012 in Hobbies

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Strength.. it's easier to knock people down then help them up .. It takes strength to help someone up x

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thing is these people really hurt me. I feel bullied by them. I also think i'm older where I can't strike back like they can.

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I know they do .. Wish we didn't care but we would rather have feelings to hurt still :-)

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