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Southpaugh Southpaugh 18-21 11 Answers Aug 16, 2012 in Health

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nope we have a 2 week timetable and we have it twice on the first week and 3 times in the second week as a class (for 50 minutes), but every thursday afternoon every grade besides year 12 has to do school sport at the same time for 100 minutes (last 2 periods), but you get to choose what you do for that one. And yeah i like it most of the time, lets just say i like it much better than i did in primary school, and its better when we do actual sports that the teachers run rather than getting told to run around the oval or hang around the tennis courts cause if thats the case noone really does anything. my favourite sport would have to be hockey! im australian btw and i think we have enough opportunities to do sport, whether people do a good job participating in it is a different story. i think ours is different to america cause we don't actually have showers or get changed AT school haha.. actually that might probably influence whether people get into it or not cause if we have it first they probably won't want to be walking around like that for the rest of the day..

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I think changing gets you clean, for sure, but also it makes you really organized--no messing around, otherwise you are late.

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