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On Saturday I (early 30s) went to a little house party/get together thing as a friend's house and met a very nice guy (also early 30s) there. It was kind of a set up, and we hit if off. As we were leaving, he asked if I like to have dinner with him this week to which I said yes. I gave him my number , we hugged, and parted ways. I didn't expect to hear from him Sunday, but was hoping to hear from him Monday which didn't happen. Now I am starting to feel like maybe he felt obligated to ask me out because it was a set up situation. Maybe I'm over thinking it because most of the time if the guy is interested he would text or call within the first 2 days.
Anon0180 Anon0180 31-35 2 Answers Apr 8, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Give it time. I have been married 31 years. I carried her number in my wallet for 6 months before I called...

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It sounds like you are way over thinking this

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