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I feel bad... I wanted to get to know this guy n a girl I knew was friends with him.. the girl is a mean chick... but I went out with her to meet him... anyways... so it turns out he likes me and the girl notices so she tries to get between us... she does stuff like insult me in front of him and tell him lies about me... if I walked away to get something she'd be like "she's so mad at you" and make up stuff.. he believed it anyways... I tried to talk to him.. but he was talking less and less to me and more to the mean girl... so I tried to tell him that she was making up stuff about me... and he just didn't understand b/c I wouldn't say her name (I wanted to avoid her at all costs)... so we both got frustrated and he told her how he felt about me... and she emailed it to me... hahaha... and so I was talking to her.. about how I felt about him... for a while... I got so mad at him.. I told him I never wanted to talk to him again.. And I deleted both of them off my facebook..
Peanut300 Peanut300 22-25, F 1 Answer Jul 22, 2012

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Probably the best thing to do. Go on with your life. Find new peeps to be with, you'll be ok.

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