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He said his administration would be the " Most transparent " of any administration. And, anybody that can't see through his transparent attempt at socializing the country must be either blind or a supporter. He's kept that promise.

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How many presidents actually kept any promises?????

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He gave tax incentives to businesses creating American jobs.

Exempted small businesses from paying taxes on capital gains.

Cut taxes for 95 percent of working families by changing withholding rates.

According to energy analysts, the US is on track to end its dependence on Middle East oil.

Natural gas pipeline in Alaska, research into clean coal and nuclear energy safety.

Helped re-tool auto industry, extended loans to auto industry, and established higher fuel standards.

Invested heavily in renewable energy such as wind.

Invested in Headstart and hiring teachers

Healthcare reform including discrimination against pre-existing conditions.

Ended the war in Iraq

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