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ezygoin52 ezygoin52 61-65, M 7 Answers Sep 13, 2012 in Hobbies

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He said his administration would be the " Most transparent " of any administration. And, anybody that can't see through his transparent attempt at socializing the country must be either blind or a supporter. He's kept that promise.

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How many presidents actually kept any promises?????

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He gave tax incentives to businesses creating American jobs.<br />
Exempted small businesses from paying taxes on capital gains.<br />
Cut taxes for 95 percent of working families by changing withholding rates.<br />
According to energy analysts, the US is on track to end its dependence on Middle East oil.<br />
Natural gas pipeline in Alaska, research into clean coal and nuclear energy safety.<br />
Helped re-tool auto industry, extended loans to auto industry, and established higher fuel standards.<br />
Invested heavily in renewable energy such as wind.<br />
Invested in Headstart and hiring teachers<br />
Healthcare reform including discrimination against pre-existing conditions.<br />
Ended the war in Iraq

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