I was at disney land in a line for a ride and behind me was a group of girls and behind them was a very old woman [in her 80's I'm guessing] The old lady was making small talk with them, asking them how old they are and where they go to school. This is where things get weird... The old lady says "When I was a teenager I would never be allowed to show my tummy" [the girl was wearing a crop top] and reached around the girl from behind and starting squeezing her belly! The girl squealed and laughed then pushed the old ladies hands away. The old lady just laughed about it. The small talk continued but the girls were clearly creeped out by her. Luckily we were already near the end of the line... Was this inappropriate touching?
Nexo Nexo 18-21, M 4 Answers Dec 21, 2013 in Community

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any unwanted touching is inappropriate.

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Probably, but harmless really.

I guess that's what might happen when you dress that way though. You're kind of asking for comments and reactions you might not like.

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