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KNOW I can need to be proud of me, yet I do not FEEL it was good enough, still. Maybe my question is because I still need some "external" validation that it as realized I tried hard today and was courageous. I wish I was at the point I could validate my own self, but not there YET! I wish I could...oh, well - at least I can admit I need the external a bit more right now...maybe that is good enough? I sometimes feel SO NOT good enough and imperfect and all I have ever wanted was for someone to apprecaite the IMPERFECT, and see THAT as perfect and good enough. Maybe one day, it will be to me, because I really realize in the end, this has to come from with-in, but having others' feel this about one, does help!
stigmafree stigmafree 31-35 3 Answers Jun 22, 2011

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RESOLVED OR NOT... I should paint that question upon a wall!

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good job ....keep up the hard work

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