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I always wondered why Journalists who were investigating the findings of the Warren Commission were called off to other assignments. NY Times is not alone. CBS, Time magazine are a couple of others to name a few.
WizGeezer WizGeezer 56-60, M 6 Answers Apr 6, 2014 in Politics

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Of course. And the Washington Post, and other news organizations too. This is not a new thing. Look up something called Operation: Mockingbird. It's been going on for decades. <br />
<br />
The C.I.A. should have been abolished long ago, back when congressmen were calling it a "rogue elephant" if not even before. Actually before, since they were calling it that in the 1970s ba<x>sed on information they'd found out about its activities in the 1960s. So yeah, this terrorist organization posing as an intelligence gathering organ needs to be s**tcanned as soon as possible.

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I love the term '****-canned'! I've heard it before but it's not something I hear everyday. And I'll have to look up 'Operation: Mockingbird'. The first I'd heard of someone buying control of the U.S. News Media was when the Rothschilds and their underlings engineered the inception of 'the Fed' and realized that they needed to control the media to block the knowledge and understanding of their criminal enterprise (the Federal Reserve Bank) from the public the year after it was established in 1913.

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Yet there are those that walk among us who trust the government. Sad to think such stupidity is not curable.

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