publicity stunt or a complete jerk!!
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My wife says she doesn't care what Sean does after he puts his boots under her bed. Oh yeah, she mentioned that I would be sleeping OUT that night, whatever that means.

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I saw it. My opinion of him as a human (not an actor) became very low. Perhaps he is confusing his actor persona with reality.

I have taught many women (and men) Self Defense and would like to see him try that with any of my students who had worked with me for about a year. Ha, armed self defense would take even less time.

If the women appeared not to be able to defend herself then I would love to walk up to him and “slap” him in the teeth with my elbow…DD

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What about controlling an impulse to hit and just walk away? That shows greater maturity as a man and as a human being. Hitting another person shows a total lack of self control. If you get hit first then all bets are off!

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I hope he meant lip-to-lip smacking!!!

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Yes, I saw the interview. I don't think he was serious, but he can lay me out in roses, as long as he is gentle about it.

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I saw this myself at Wikipedia :

"In a December 1987 interview with Barbara Walters, he stated that it would be acceptable for a man to hit a woman with an open hand, if she continues to provoke the man after he concedes an argument to her.[29] Connery had made similar remarks in a November 1965 interview with Playboy magazine on the set of Thunderball: "I don't think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman ... If a woman is a *****, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I'd do it." In 1993, Vanity Fair quoted him saying there are confrontational women who "want a smack".[30]

"In a 1993 interview with Vanity Fair, he said: 'There are women who take it to the wire. That's what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack.'

Connery backtracked, saying he was not advocating violence against women, but the damage was done."

Barbara Walters interview at : />

I totally disagree with Connery. But none of you multitude of females out there who believe (and practice) that you have the right to slap a man when you're angry have any grounds for condemning him. Personally, it would make me mad as hell if a woman slapped me. And I don't how her getting slapped is going to de-escalate things.

I do, however, strongly believe in slapping a woman on the rump IF (and only if) she likes it!

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I didnt see it, but id like to hit him with a baseball bat and see if he calls that fair !

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Well, he did hit his first wife.

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Lets take that statement of his, then put it alongside the figures on the number of women who think he's Gods gift. Now do you understand why some men think women are crazy?

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