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You know you like someone as more than a friend when:

- You miss them, but unlike just missing a friend as a passing thought, it comes back to you all day. You may look at pictures of them or listen to music that reminds you of them, or pick up an item of clothing that has their scent on it, which simulates being with them.

- You are attracted to them. You want to kiss them, wonder what it would be like to touch them. You enjoy their embrace, it's like heaven. It's home (once you've hit love, but back to "like"...).

- You find yourself going out of your way to impress them or doing special things for them. We do positive things for friends, but we really tend to go all out for someone who is a potential partner.

- You find yourself dying to know more about them. Even the little things about them are really special to you. And you want them to see you in the best light.

Those are just a few factors.

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like as a friend = no romantic or sexual attraction

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wanting to spend more and more time together....when your every waking moment centers around how long it will be before you will be able to spend time with them again......thats liking them.........more than a friend...!!!

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