Chicago has 19.4 murders per 100,00.
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Okay Liberals, let's see how consistant you are with your "tolerance" and attacks. Which one of you will attack the Reverend William Owens for believing the same as the Chick-Fil-A companies owner and founder? Be careful he is Black and is forming an anti Obama group because of Obama supporting gay marriage. Note this is your own liberal CNN reporting. LOL!

And Christians are so evil. Can any liberal with half a brain explain this to me?

Come on DebraDowner try and say something semi intelligent.

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Good point....i guess Rom Emanuel didn't get that memo

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Take a quick glance at countries that have legalized same sex marriage, and their homicide rates. That said, you could also admit this weak *** attempt at correlation is ridiculous.

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Municipalities with Chik-fil-A values have a far lower murder rate than ones with Chicago values and are far better places to live.

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