Because I heard that good guys finish first in countries and cultures(African, Chinese, Japan, India, Middle East) outside of U.S and other Western Nations(Britain, Canada, Australia,Europe ect.) I would like an answer from people who have dated in or dated people from these cultures and countries(African, Chinese, Japan, India, Middle East). People wh haven't dated people from theses countries and cultures can still answer.
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Oh my gosh! Good guys DO NOT finish last! That's just something you all say because you feel entitled to sex! Here, Jenna Marbles makes a much more eloquent argument than me:

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Internationally... woman tend to go for a (tad bit of romantic mystery, excitement and adventure)... (of coarse no man will ever be perfect and display all these spectrums)

Good guys are nice....

but if they get all step on-

***then somehow that is a complete turn off

(BALANCE is key)

(i personally hate Macho- persona...(this is what i see from several men in the Mexican culture)

(to me it's all about EQUALITY)

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Good guys that go to China get the women they want.

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in mexico good guys get killed..

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