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cuffscollector cuffscollector 46-50, M 5 Answers Nov 5, 2012 in Self Improvement

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Waste of money. Too much TV and ficton novel hype about what hypnotism really is and how it works. Most advertised hypnotists got their training in a weekend seminar or from a DVD. Most certifications are from groups with absolutely no credibility. And a D.Hyp or some such degree is purely diploma mill.

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You really need to find one who's qualified in the field. Usually a good therapist will have that certification, but try to find one who uses positive messaging vs. negative...<br />
<br />
An example would be saying "You are a healthy happy individual with beautiful pink, chemical free lungs that enjoy each oxygen filled breathe you take" <br />
instead of " From this moment on, you will be repulsed by cigarettes and feel sick if you smoke"<br />
Positive should override negative

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as Asukuku said, they can help.<br />
So if you feel its necessary, get hypnotised :--)

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