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It started when Freakdash asked if someone would donate two fingers to him. He was joking, ofc, but it still made me think. I actually would have donated 2 of my fingers to an acquaintance in need. Then I started thinking about other things, like how I'm always doing favors for people and giving people money if they need it. I went so far as to write a truthful story here that stated that I'd rather get an STD than make a partner who carried the STD feel unwanted. I do stupidly selfless things all the time, to a lesser degree. Last semester I was working on an assignment, and it was due when class started in about an hour. Someone I didn't know asked for help on their assignment, and I promptly spent over an hour helping them, both getting a 0 on my assignment and getting to class late. I do stuff like this whenever people ask, and if I don't, I feel like I'm worthless as a person. I think I'm undeserving of anything. This isn't normal, is it?
Rennn Rennn 18-21, M 6 Answers Feb 10, 2013 in Health

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You feel worth something only when you're making other people happy. Usually this is not something to worry about, but in your case it looks to be affecting your life in a negative way. You may want to seek therapy for this as it may get worse. There are deep rooted "issues" that turned you into a helper, so to speak, and it will do you good to figure them out so you can understand yourself more.

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I don't think it's normal, and unfortunately there are always opportunists ready to take advantage. You should feel you are kind, and that's very important but that should be balanced out with your own needs. I think you would benefit from some therapy so they could role play setting boundaries with others so you don't get hurt so often. Hugs!

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You're a nice guy. No problem there.

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