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I moved to a new city and a new school. Im 13 years old and ima girl. At the new school, whenever im sitting doing nothing and im bored. The boys are always talking about something. I hear them but I dont mean to it's just I dont know why but I hear them say weird things like " That girl is hot" "when my dad says he's 37, "I feel like im young" They say really stupid things!! And also sometimes i feel they're talking about me cause I have a weird laugh and im crazy so I keep asking them," Are you talking about me?" I do that a hundred times. Whenever they're talking, they look at me cause they know i'll be listeneing and ask me if I heard anything and I say I did and tell them what I heard and they start laughing. They always test me like they're talking then they say my name and when i look at them they laugh. Their voice is so high! They dont know that! Does that make me weird and annoying?
lovefiro lovefiro 13-15 2 Answers Jan 23, 2013 in Parenting & Family

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Helium maybe? ;-)

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