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I wanna post a sign that says readings $10 and do readings in coffee shops. Is this legal? Do I have to get permission from the owner, or just do it? I would probably let them know i was doing it, but wondering if it's legal or if they can say no.
girlwithexperience girlwithexperience 31-35, F 7 Answers Nov 22, 2012 in Community

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You do not even need a lawyer to answer this one. Private property needs permission of owner. The coffee shop pays the rent, they get to say who makes money in their establishment. To do it on the street in most places you need a street vendors licence. Get one and do it out front until the owners call the city and ask them to move you.

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thank you! thats kind of what I thought. I think I will get a street vendors license.

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Tell them you will put a spell on them if they don't let you.

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