Also, what are some tips on how to tell if someone is lying?
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Blowing up at a simple question is often a tip off that a person is lying. Liars see suspicion even when it is not there. And they want to put you on the defensive. So they blow up. People who lie develop a lot of tactics designed to make the other person question him or herself and blowing up is one of them.

Some ways to tell if someone is lying to you:

Too many details, more explanation than is necessary.

Putting you on the defensive when you suspect them of something. Making you feel guilty for questioning them.

Telling you something with information obviously missing.

Changing the subject when you start to talk about something they've lied about.

Vague answers followed by a charming remark or a falttering remark.

Your own good instincts; most of us sense when someone is lying but, if we like the person, or, God help us, are in love with him/her...then we keep hoping it's not true so we ignore our own good sense. LIsten to your instincts because they are nearly always right.

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Oh yes, a liar gets very defensive when someone calls their bluff. When someone ISNT lying and they are accused of it, they generally just brush it off and don't get as defensive.

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Agreed 101% to lizardking. So young yet so wise! I have experienced it with my ex and he is the perfect example of someone who gets offended easily and putting up the wall once I seek some clarification from him. Now I am into someone who is much obligating and non violent communicating with me, I cannot count my blessings....bless his soul.

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Agreed with what lizardking and danfetish said. A terrible liar will get mad at you when confronted--a polished liar, quite the contrary...Whatever kind of liar you're dealing with, you can expect inconsistent details.

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Absolutely. That is a good indication they ARE lying!

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What lizardking said with one exception a good liar already knows all of this and will act like the honest man,

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