I am a very sexual person and am very forward. I like to initiate and take the lead. I guess you can say I just really know what I want! I have found that some men tend to get a little uncomfortable because of this. Is this typical?
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Some men like it, many men will find it novel and interesting for a short time. Most men are uncomfortable with this behavior in a woman. Sexual aggression is a traditional male role. Women are "supposed to be" submissive to one degree or another. Sexual aggression from a woman will attack the self confidence of most men.

Still, if you want something you cannot expect to just wait around.

I suspect that you will end up with weak men or other men only for a short time before they move on.

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I love it, there is no beating around the bush . these types of women know what it takes to get them off . they use words that men are not use to women saying adding to the excitement . also at some point they will let you take the lead you just have to be ready she is still a woman and expects to be served .

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Thank God for you

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I guess it is about power and might.

If there is someone

who has got a strong will

and wants to lead,

this can be good for yourself

but it can also harm you.

So if you follow this person

you maybe have to suffer.

So better stay on the safe side

and go for your own way.

Well it is in my opinion very true

that thinking for yourself

and doing what you want

is better

than following.

I think I'll stay this way.

But if there would be a group of women like you

forcing me to do something

simply because they are mightier

well I'd have to do it, don't I?

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I love aggressive women. I love to please. I want a woman to tell me or show me what she wants. I really love it when they take out their ******* & want to show me what it's like to be ******.

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I love it....LOVE IT!! Tell me how you want it how often ask me how I want dirty to me it b.s. just action

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A lot more men are worried that the woman is just not rocking the boat. They want reassurance the woman is into it. Most men want more initiating of love-making by women. In fact if a woman wants to please her man, she should sometimes go straight for his ****, very first thing. Men's arousal is center then periphery, whereas women are periphery then center. Cougars are popular in part because they shed that romance novel crap of expecting men to be mind-readers and let a man know exactly what they want in the bedroom, which is a big relief to the men. And yes--unless they're a freak like Elvis caught up in Madonna/***** dichotomy, not a man you'd want to get married to-- men really love it when a woman talks dirty. Just be careful about doing it while he's in you, lest he blow his load too soon.

The men who are uncomfortable may be worried that you're so insatiable you'll think one man per day is not enough for you, lol. Remember Mick Jagger's line : "I just don't have that much jam."

As for me, I would want a woman to take the initiative when she's in the mood, express her desires, and go for what she wants. But dominatrix stuff? Forget it. Any spanking or tying up or pinning back arms will be done by me, not to me. I believe in the man being the man in the bedroom.

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I thank God for sexually assertive women

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