my husband says most womanlike it and I'm the exception I asked my doctor and he says a lot of woman like it , I find it painful disgusting and not normal, my husband had me watch a ***** and obviously some woman liked it, am I the freak or is she? I am not real experianced in that despite my age so I just want to know your opinion
woodinhouse woodinhouse 41-45, F 7 Answers Mar 30, 2009

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I'm not the one Lol ! Do you ? Jesus !

My bf doesn't like it too !

Front is natural and we are not man, we have front door !

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Not this woman. My husband begs for it and talks about women liking it. I'm glad to see I'm the only one who says no!

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Well most women might, but not this woman!

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I have not done it, and i dont think i ever dosent seem like there would be ANYTHING pleasing about it...and eww..its kinda gross..

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I don't like it. it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom. Not everyone likes that and don't go along with it if you don't like it or it makes you uncomfortable.

But if some women do enjoy it that doesn't mean they are 'freaks' that's just rude and ignorant calling someone a name because they are different, or like something different.

There are a lot of health risks to anal sex, especially if there isn't any protection, enough lubrication, or if there is any tearing in the anus.

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Thats what i have to say about it. I tried it once and i almost cried it hurt so much. I even lubricated and tried inserting fingers first cause someone told me that would help.

Yea, i definitely dont enjoy it and my boyfriend isnt really interested in it anyway. A lot of women have told me that it takes a couple times, but i dont find the pain worth it.

not to mention the ridiculous amount of health risks that go with it.

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