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The thing with guidance counselors is that the kids that need to see them are the ones that actively avoid seeing them.

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I think that they mostly need people who are doing their jobs correctly.

Front desks are supposed to be attended. I often go to my son's school and find no one at the front. Anyone could slip in.

Teachers should have students in their rooms behind closed doors. If necessary, doors should be locked from inside during class hours. If someone is headed down to a teacher's classroom, then the office should message the teacher that the individual is on his way.

I think that teachers should have something like pepper spray and cs gas. This isn't deadly but will blind someone and disable the person fairly quickly. The better versions can spray a target at quite a distance. I like that idea better than arming teachers with actual guns, which students are bound to be curious about.

I also think that video cameras should be in the hallways...but I've always believed that. The principal should be able to see what is going on in any given hallway at any given time.

I am not against having an armed guard or two within schools...most schools have some form of law enforcement present nowadays. Many schools have guard towers in the parking lots that limit and monitor access to the lot.

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A guidance counselor and good education system that is pro poor and disregards prejudice

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"Guidance councelors" are largely useless and should not ever be confused with "licensed psychotherapist"

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