It's Mayan so it's gotta be true!
LupusMcGillicutty LupusMcGillicutty 26-30, M 8 Answers May 31, 2012

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They should! And they should follow what it says in the fine print.

Send all your money to the oldfarmguy and the world won't end ; )

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People will believe anything. A slick campaign of fear coupled with something ethereal, mysterious, and ancient-sounding will grab most of the suckers. The only thing that surprises me is that nobody seems to be making any money off of this Mayan Calendar bullshit.

It always amazes me that when people think about the pyramids of Egypt, they immediately fly to the idea that extra-terrestrials must have helped in their building because the ancient Egyptians didn't have sufficient technology to do it themselves. Yet, across the world another people who lived in the same approximate point in history were possessed of wisdom far beyond what we know today.

People will believe what they want. It doesn't make them any less moronic.

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this is intersting go to www.4 corners post card scan through it till you see the Hopi Prophecy click on it Mayan Hopi prophecy ..briefly ; RedMan was given power over plants ,food, herbs--YellowMan was given power over the mountians,hills land,BlackMan power over the oil -n-waters WhiteMan over fire, ECT....ect...

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originally it's called Maj's calendar

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I don't know anything about it, I guess some things could be interesting in it.

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