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As long as I don't try to change other people's ways,

nobody does it to me. But this not the wish to live

and let live. All people have to live as chidren of God.

Nobody can change the chidren of God, but they change themselves.

No individuals or institutions can stop a person from

telling lies, even if he would be caught and fined.

He only changes, and may change effectively, when he

relizes that telling lies is harmful for his own life.

This is the true way of divine education.

Nobody can tell other people you must do or must not

do this or must not do that.

Each individual would learn, think and do things

as he wish. The results will be judged only by himself

and by God. And God is the supreme Judge.

Yes, man is created with intelligence and free will,

so that his life is shaped only through divine education.

And this is the true love and true justice of God

for all equally.

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Some do, but I won't let them. No one rules my life but me.

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Yeh. No farking chance.

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yes, and they even say they'd never do that-I'm talking about the gals I meet and date. It's like they will go along till they think they have me and then they think we're married-well "we're not!" I have no idea why gals are attracted to a Male and then they want to change him into something else. Maybe these gals did that to their husbands and that's why the guys left. I have no idea but it's maddening to thing of all the time I waste with gals that do this.

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I guess, but I try to better myself anyways.

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It is sad but most do this to make themselves feel better and most also know that one can only change if one wants to, Yet people will persist to make themselves feel good.

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