The years go by faster because each year takes up a smaller "block" of my life than the previous year.<br />
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For example: When I was 1, that year was 100% of my life at that point. When I turned 2, that year was 1/2 of my total life. At 3 it was 1/3, at 4 it was 1/4, etc. Now that I'm 30, the previous year was 1/30 of my entire life. Imagine when you turn 80, that year was 1/80 of your entire life. That's why it seems like it takes so long growing up, but when you get older time seems to go by much faster.<br />
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As for the days, the speed at which my days go by is directly proportional to the amount of stuff I have to do and the interest I have in doing them.

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