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I was in a 8 year relationship and was complety blind to what I had. In may of last year my father died and I was in car accidwnt . I pushed loved ones away. I began to cheat on the most amazing person who had nothing but 100% of love for me. Why did I cheat so much? What do you guys do to control the desire to just get the rocks off. Women is the same for you?
chasejake chasejake 36-40, M 4 Answers Feb 11, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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People of both genders cheat when they're with the wrong person for them .. they aren't cut out for commitment .. or have no character. It's not about gender .. <br />
You were trying to numb yourself with sex instead of dealing with the real issues in your life.

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I think your answer is yes! It takes two to tango.i cheated when I was married with two kids and the woman I cheated with was also married and had two kids.i think it's pretty much equal but for some reason men seem to bore the brunt of the cheating ridicule. I guess we get caught more than the women? Who knows!

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