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Wow. Remind me not to date any women in their mid-thirties. So much emotion over such a minor clothing choice. Indeed, actual dislike of the human form---and an athletic one, at that---is serious cause for concern.

May the world be blessed with *more* spandex, not less. Maybe it will lure the masses into a healthier lifestyle. God knows we could all do with more fruits and veggies and less potato chips and doughnuts.

Viva the lycra-clad fitness junkies! :-)

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I like men wearing spandex shorts as it gives them the masculine curve. As women we too feel something.... So I like men in tights with visible curves in front

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It absolutley depends on the woman and the presentation (what they are looking at).

The overwhelming majority of women, when looking at a man in spandex, genuienly DO NOT CARE or even notice...women are the first to say "Wear what's comfortable, wear what you want...and don't care what anyone else says or thinks"....but that should not be misconstrued as a ticket to offend or wear inappropriate garments.

Some women definitely enjoy seeing a fit man wearing spandex. Most women like seeing strong legs and a nice shaped firm rear-end....and a few women (often embarrassed to admit) enjoy the bulge in the front. Then there are a few women who just feel it's plain wrong for men to wear spandex in any capacity...but again, most women don't really care one way or another.

Women generally aren't wired like men and "the visual" isn't a big thing. FWIW, the women who hate men wearing spandex are usually the fat & ugly women who they themselves have no visually redeeming qualities and so they resent & despise that a man should have something they don't have. Ignore these resentful, closed-minded prudes. There are plenty of women who should never wear spandex either!

The next issue is presentation, if the spandex has a liner, chamois or crotch pad then there's really nothing to see...add to that a long shirt, dark colors and other touches that de-emphasize the crotch, then it's fine...this is your typical athlete or fitness enthusiast and it's fine!

On the flip side, there are guys who use spandex as a quasi-exhibitionist means to essentially get their rocks off. These guys generally have delusions that their bodies are similiar to womens and that showing-off the goods is alluring, sexy and attractive. The same rules apply to men: not wearing a long-enough shirt, not looking in the mirror to see what is on display or wearing something too wrong, disgusting, attention-whorish and inappropriate....and if the guy is wearing very tight spandex with no padding or long shirt...if he's showing the jewels, it's perverted and setting all men back!

It all comes down to execution...if worn in an appropiriate manner and tastefully done, a guy can look great and be acceptable wearing spandex. It's comfortable, functional, feels great, looks sharp and is not something exclusively reserved for women.

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No man should ever wear spandex. No exceptions should be made to this rule! No speedos, no spandex shorts or pants, NO SPANDEX (PERIOD). To wear spandex is to advertise a too much, might as well be standing naked in a public place!

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the wearing of spandex by anyone should be a captial offense

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In my opinion, no!

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yuk,,I just vomited at the thought,,thanx for that

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No and that goes for the cyclists as well .

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GARGHG! Stupid sexy Flanders!

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