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rustyjh rustyjh 56-60, M 3 Answers Jul 6, 2014 in Community

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I think they should just let them in. The children of those countries and escaping child trafficking, drug trades, and murder. We should be the sanctuary that they can not get at home. In World War Two many people from Europe were escaping to come here and even then we were heartless bastards that turned them away. Why can't America be the home of the free for these broken souls. Independence Day was just two days ago. I believe America has lost the idea of what the home of the free means. Please just let them in and this is coming from a 16 year old girl who had friends taken away from her because of you people. <br />

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How come the people of a country not the govemint, lets this happen, is it just an easier way to fix something that they are not willing to stand up to, I have seen the good, bad and ugliness on the people coming here and unfortunately the bad are making more money than the ones that are helping. I'm barely making enough per week to support my family why should I pay higher taxes to support others that come here. Is it more employment for the coyotes that abandon men, women and children for a very high fee, if you hate my country that is your prerogative too, speak out on your feelings of what you know or experience. I have seen very good things done in my life here in the U.S, but what the world media portray is very different, we are only human deciphering the B.S on realty will always be a hindrance. Respectfully just my input not sarcastic... Have a safe and better life kid.

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I've only briefly read a little here and there...its a difficult situation that I'm a little conflicted over.

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